Guerilla Gardening


Guerilla Gardening is gardening in public spaces with or without permission. The intentions behind are often similar to intensions of community gardening and include political protest and activism, recapturing public space, beautifying fallow land, gardening and nature experience including social  and creative aspects.

Often Guerilla Gardening activities happen secretly and protected by darkness. But approved activities by local authorities might also happen during day time. Activities range from sowing "seed bombs", cultivating fallow land, expanding plantings in parks, traffic island or setting up plant containers.

It means basically, people are getting active to shape their surrounding by the means of gardening. There are no strict regulations for Guerilla Gardening, but important principles should be stressed (by Jahnke):

  • bureaucratic process are being bypassed
  • no damage is created and nobody is harmed
  • it is intended to improve the surrounding, above personal benefit

The differences between Guerilla Gardening and Community Gardening might be vague. Community Gardens can also be Guerilla Gardening activities, if areas are occupied and cultivated by communities.