Gartenpolylog has set itself the goals of  

  • sharing its experiences and expertise in the field of intercultural community gardens and urban gardening,
  • linking and supporting existing community garden projects throughout Austria, and
  • initiating and implementing community garden projects and other greenfield projects.


Support and Consultation

  • Initiating and supervising of new community garden projects in Vienna,
  • conceptualisation and planning of new community garden projects throughout Austria,
  • Consulting individuals, social institutions and municipalities about community, intercultural and neighbourhood gardens, integration of communities, community work and gardening technics.


Projects and Research

  • We conduct gardening projects (German only), where its communities stand in the centre.
  • We are happy to partner up for research. You can find a research list here, mostly in German.

Workshops, Training and Classes

  • We offer divers classes about (urban) gardening and agriculture for people with different backgrounds, heritage and interests. Most of them are held in German, but we are happy to do them in English or Spanish as well.

Other Events

  • We also organise events, excursions and garden tours about community gardens.



  • We link existing and new community garden projects in Austria and beyond.
  • Each year we organise a networking conference about intercultural community gardens.
  • You can sign up for our newsletter with interesting information about community garden projects and more.


Public Relations

  • Echoes in news and online, mostly in German.
  • We are happy to share our expertise about urban gardening, small scale agriculture, community gardens in Austria and beyond.


For more information, consultation and cost estimations please do get in touch: office(at)