Gemeinschaftsgärten in Australien

Naomi Lacey (Präsidentin von Community Gardens Australia) kommt nach Wien!
Sie wird einen Einblick zur Situation der Gemeinschaftsgärten in Australien vermitteln. Danach wollen wir gerne gemeinsam über Unterschiede und Gemeinsamkeiten diskutieren.
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Mehr Infos zu Naomi:
Naomi is a permaculturalist who is passionate about promoting healthy food systems, sustainable lifestyles, and cultivating community. She helped to establish the first community garden in the satellite city of Palmerston near Darwin and from there became involved with Community Gardens Australia (CGA) in 2015 then taking on the role of President in 2019. Naomi believes that community gardens have a pivotal role to play in ensuring better health outcomes for Australians, building community, addressing the climate crisis, reducing waste, and educating people. Awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 2019 to learn from community garden networks around the world, Naomi’s vision for CGA is to build the organisation into one that supports the growth and needs of community gardens around Australia, providing them with education, support, resources, and sustenance to continue their work and therefore their positive impact on the communities they reside in.

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