About Us

  • We want to connect, design, enable!

We are the Gartenpolylog -  Gardeners of the World cooperate.

For us, urban gardens are part of a social change, and we passionately pursue the goal of spreading green spaces of interaction and diversity.

 Our core areas focus on education and networking within and about community gardens.

  • We initiate and support new community garden projects
  • We share our expertise and experience in the field of intercultural community gardens and in the area of ​​urban gardening through educational events
  • We network with and connect members of community garden projects in Austria
  • We do research about community gardens.

The Association

The Gartenpolylog Association is a non-profit association that was founded in early 2007. The topic "Intercultural Community Gardens" brought us together. The association's sponsorship mandate is, by definition in the statutes, to promote the integration of people in the context of nature-related, in the broadest sense, gardening activities on a supportive, advisory, and financial and organizational basis. You can find more about our goals and association in our statutes. You can read more about our self-conception and our attitude towards community gardens in our mission statement.

Our name

Polylog is a communicative exchange between people of different origins based on the equal rights of all involved. Gartenpolylog is an active polylog in community gardens, where nature is included in the discourse.